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2017 Suzuki Swift

2017 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Motor Corporation now unveils the 2017 European Suzuki Swift at the Geneva MotorShow as its all-new global supermini. It carries forward the Swift DNA while adopting completely new styling and a performance-enhancing extremely light body with advanced safety technologies. The result is exterior European flair complemented by a sporty and functional interior, nimble and agile driving, and enhanced peace of mind.

Suzuki Swift 2017
In addition to its stylish exterior design in a compact size of just 3,840millimeters long, the (2017) Suzuki Swift features excellent visibility, a spacious cabin and ample luggage space. The development goal was to create an all new hatchback styling that is undoubtedly Suzuki. Suzuki Swift is a very popular and important car in the range and has reached 5.4 million sales globally in less than 12 years, faster than any other Suzuki model.

Suzuki Swift 2017
New-generation platform "HEARTECT"

Suzuki Swift 2017
The (2017) Suzuki Swift rests on a new-generation platform “HEARTECT” that delivers enhanced fundamental vehicle performance due to being light and highly rigid. A comprehensive overhaul of the underbody’s structure and component layout resulted in the adoption of a highly rigid frame that enhances collision safety.

This new platform or underbody of (2017) Suzuki Swift is now 30kilograms lighter than before which has contributed to the car registering a kerb weight of just 890kilograms - 120kilograms lighter overall for the whole car.

The (2017) Suzuki Swift is 10 millimeters shorter than the outgoing model, while its wheelbase is 20 millimeters longer, creating more interior room including 25 % more luggage capacity at 254L, or 54 l. more than the outgoing model. It is also 15 millimeters lower and 40 millimeters wider, further accentuating its low and wide stance. Additionally, the European Suzuki Swift has a wider front and rear track than the Japanese Domestic model.

Key dimensions:

Length: 3,840 millimeters;

Width: 1,735 millimeters;

Height: 1,495 millimeters 1,520 millimeters;

Wheelbase: 2,450 millimeters;

Track: front/rear: 1,520 – 1,530 millimeters/1,520 – 1,525 millimeters.

Smarter packaging

During interior design, lowering the seating positions has ensured sufficient head clearance and added 23 millimeters vertical and lateral space for the rear seating positions. The front seats have been moved outwards by 10 millimeters which has increased the centre-on-centre distance between them by 20 millimeters.

Other interior features include a centre console turned five degrees towards the driver, front seats with optimised shape and spring position with heightened side bolsters. The steering wheel is of new design "D"-shape section and an LED auto air conditioning panel is also fitted:

Adopting Suzuki’s new generation platform strategy minimised the size of the engine compartment which has enabled maximising the space available for cabin occupants and luggage.

Specification Highlights

Standard equipment for all models in the range is comprehensive and the SZ3 model with 1.2-l. Dualjet engine and manual transmission will include six airbags, air conditioning, leather steering wheel, DAB radio with Bluetooth and four speakers, rear privacy glass, LED daytime running lights, 15-in. wheels, body coloured door mirrors and front electric windows.

The SZ-T model available with 1.0-l. Boosterjet engine and manual transmission adds rear view camera, Smartphone link display audio, 16-in. alloy wheels and front fog lamps glass. SZ5 adds auto air conditioning, 16-in. polished alloy wheels, satellite navigation, Advanced forward detection system, keyless entry and start and rear electric windows,

Boosterjet technology.

Offering the same level of power and torque of a much larger capacity normally aspirated engine (1.7-1.8-l.), it delivers an effortless drive and genuine driving pleasure. This unit has an output of 111PS and is DITC (Direct Injection turbocharged). It is a very compact engine and offers 170Nm of torque available from 2,000rpm through to 3,500rpm for manual transmission.

1.2-l. Dualjet

Dualjet incorporates Suzuki’s renowned engine technology and uses twin fuel injectors for improved fuel economy. Utilising Dualjet design that positions the fuel injectors very close to the engine inlet valves allows for a finer fuel atomisation. The maximum power output is 90PS with a torque figure of 120Nm at 4,400rpm. Acceleration time to 62mph is 11.9 seconds for the SZ3 2WD and 12.6 seconds for the SHVS ALLGRIP equipped model.


The SHVS mild hybrid system is a compact and lightweight system that incorporates an Integrated Starter Generator which acts as both a generator and starter motor, the ISG is belt driven and assists the engine during vehicle take off and acceleration and also generates electricity through regenerative braking. In (2017) Suzuki Swift, SHVS is available together with Boosterjet for the first time and results in CO2 emissions as low as 97gkm.

The energy assistance provided during acceleration enables the SHVS to be known as a mild hybrid system which is ideally suited to a compact car and adds just 6.2 kilograms to the overall weight.

The (2017) Suzuki Swift adopts Suzuki’s ALLGRIP "AUTO" four-wheel drive system and is available as an option on the SZ5 model with 1.2-l. engine. First introduced in the previous generation Suzuki Swift in 2014 this is a well proven and simple fully automatic and permanent four-wheel drive layout which transfers additional torque to the rear wheels when required via a viscous coupling.

Advanced Forward Detection System
The (2017) Suzuki Swift SZ5 features Suzuki’s first use of an advanced forward detection system that combines a monocular camera and a laser sensor for advanced safety functions, including autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and high beam assist. It also uses millimetre-wave radar to enable adaptive cruise control.

The advanced forward detection system monocular camera excels at mid to long distance detection and also recognition of traffic elements including pedestrians and lane markers. The laser sensor excels at monitoring shorter distance hazards and also night vision detection.

DSBS (Dual Sensor Brake Support) – SZ5 Grade.
The advanced forward detection system supports numerous safety technologies, among which is collision-mitigating DSBS (Dual Sensor Brake Support). With DSBS, at vehicle speeds from approximately 3mph to 62mph and if the system determines a risk of collision with a forward obstacle, it issues both an audio and visual warning. If there is a high risk of collision with a forward obstacle and the driver panic brakes, the system deploys brake assist, increasing braking force. If the risk of a collision increases even more the system applies full automatic braking in an effort to avoid the collision or reduce damage.

Advanced Multi-information display.
The SZ5 model is equipped with a 4.2 in. high-definition colour LCD display that shows a range of information including engine output and torque data, fuel consumption, average speed, acceleration and brake operation as well as driving G-force tracking. For the SHVS model an energy flow diagram is also included.

Display audio system with navigation and smartphone connectivity
The audio system for both SZ-T and SZ5 models has a SLDA (Smartphone Linkage Display Audio) with a large seven in. touch panel display that enables intuitive operation and can also be used when wearing gloves. A three dimensional navigation map makes landmarks easy to distinguish and the system also allows the driver to use certain smartphone applications with MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection.

The all (2017) Suzuki Swift goes on sale in the UK on June 1st 2017 and further media information will be published closer to the launch date.

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