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2017 SEAT Ibiza

2017 SEAT Ibiza

The new SEAT Ibiza 2017 comes loaded with the latest technology features, outstanding dynamics, and an impressive improvement in interior space and comfort. The Spanish brand’s most iconic model has all-new styling with the same youthful, functional, sporty and comfortable spirit as always. Its fresh design reflects SEAT’s distinctive DNA but with an edgier, accentuated, sportier design, featuring more sculpted, exciting and streamlined surfaces. The fifth generation of the SEAT Ibiza made its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show, pre-sales already started and first cars will be delivered in June 2017.

SEAT Ibiza 2017
The 2017 SEAT Ibiza is a completely new model that has been created with very ambitious goals in mind: To go a major step ahead in safety, design, performance and comfort. This huge advance in quality was achieved thanks to the new MQB A0 modular platform. The new SEAT Ibiza is the Volkswagen Group’s first model to use this platform, highlighting SEAT’s importance within the Group and offering countless advantages.

SEAT Ibiza 2017
A decisive model

SEAT Ibiza 2017
The fifth generation of the SEAT Ibiza has been developed in Barcelona and is a decisive step forward in the future of SEAT. Firstly, because it demonstrates the Volkswagen Group’s latest technology, the MQB-A0 platform which shows the importance of the SEAT brand within the Volkswagen Group, as this new platform will be featured for the first time in this segment. And secondly, because it comes full to the brim with the most advanced technology, spectacular dynamism and a notable increase in interior space. This means a completely new model while, as always, it keeps its young spirit, dynamism, functionality and comfort. To achieve this, it gets a new, fresh and sporty design, reflecting SEAT’s unmistakable DNA. The surface language has been accentuated even more in a way that gives a more sculptured, exciting and aerodynamic look.

SEAT Ibiza 2017
The SEAT Ibiza 2017 combines elegance and style, but never abandons its dynamic character. The new SEAT Ibiza 2017 is undoubtedly bringing about an increase in SEAT’s client base as well as improving the image of the brand, making it more aspirational thanks to its undoubtable qualities complete with a rounded, powerful design that ensures the car sits perfectly on the road.

SEAT Ibiza 2017
Taking measurements

SEAT Ibiza 2017
The new SEAT Ibiza 2017 has a noticeable increase in its interior space; it’s much more robust, as well as much safer. However, it isn’t this isn’t the deduction one makes upon casting an eye on its dimensions on the outside; 4,059 millimeters long, 1,780 millimeters wide and,1,444 millimeters high. Compared to the previous model, it is much wider by a stunning 87 millimeters, it is two millimeters shorter and one lower than the previous model, but more than anything, the change in its dimensions conveys a powerful image of a car that hugs the ground. And the key is in the new MQB A0 platform.

SEAT Ibiza 2017
The track is 60 millimeters wider at the front axle and 48 at the rear axle, while the distance between the axles is 2,564 mm, a 95 millimeters increase. The result is a much more comfortable car, with the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 being both roomier on the inside and larger on the outside. For example, the passenger compartment width has increased 55 millimeters for the driver and 16 millimeters for the copilot, leg room in the back seats has increased by 35 millimeters, while the head room has gone up by 17 millimeters in the back. The seats are an astonishing 42 millimeters wider, making the new SEAT Ibiza one of the best in its class in this area. But understand this; if before, a passenger taller than 1.75 m was a little squashed in the rear seats, now in the new SEAT Ibiza the passenger will be much more comfortable. The boot has also been enlarged by 63 l., bringing its total capacity to 355 l., making it best in class. The loading height has also been lowered, proof that SEAT knows how to combine design and functionality.

All of the engines available in the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 comply with the Euro6 emissions regulation and lead the way in performance, with outstanding features, high mileage and low emissions. There are different aluminium block and cylinder petrol engines to choose from. The first option is the 3 cylinder 1.0 MPI with 65HP or 75HP, and the next is the 1.0 TSI with 95 or 115 PS, along with a turbocompressor, intercooler and direct injection. Also a new 1.5 TSI will be available in late 2017 with four cylinders and 150 PS. The TSI’s injection pressure is 250 bar for the 115 and 95 horsepower 1 l. versions, while the 1.5 TSI goes up to 350 bar. It’s also worth noting that all TSI versions come with variable inlet and outlet valve timing to improve smoothness and response to any high or low rev situation and whatever the driver may ask from it. All the engines’ blocks and cylinder heads are aluminium, with double overhead belt-driven camshaft which has a maintenance period of around 30,000 km and uses implement a stop&start system to improve efficiency. The 75 horsepower 1.0 l. MPI has an average consumption of 4.9 l/100 kilometers and 112 g/km of C02 emissions. With a maximum torque of 95 Nm available between 3,000 and 4,300 rpm, this is an engine that stand out for its excellent response at low-mid revs. Connected to a manual 5-speed gearbox, it’s capable of reaching a top speed of 167 kilometers per hour in 4th, while at 120 kilometers per hour in 5th, its accurated gear ratios allow it to reach maximum torque to achieve a smooth and comfortable ride on the road or motorway. In the case of the 95 horsepower 1.0 TSI, its average consumptions stays around 4.7 l/100 kilometers and 106 gr/km of C02 emissions. This is a power unit that stands out from the crowd for its smooth functioning and an excellent response from very low revs. A real test of this is its high maximum torque of 175 Nm available from 2,000 to 3,500 rpm. It can reach a top speed of 182 kilometers per hour and can go from 0 to 100 in just 10.9 seconds. When it comes to making an overtake, the engine responds with character, as in 5th it’s able to go from 80 to 120 kilometers per hour in 10.9 seconds. Moving onto the 115 horsepower 1.0 TSI, this unit comes with a 6-speed gearbox and with an average consumption of 4.7 l/100 kilometers and its C02 emissions are 108 gr/km. It puts out fantastic performance; its top speed is 195 kilometers per hour, 0 to 100 kilometers per hour well under the 10-second mark, coming in at 9.3 seconds. In addition, its impressive level of maximum torque at 200 Nm, available between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm ensures outstanding acceleration at high speeds, going from 80 to 120 kilometers per hour in 10.9 seconds.

Efficient 1.6 TDI diesel engines will come in 80, 95 and 115 PS varieties. Finally, the new MQB A0 platform allows the New SEAT Ibiza 2017 to offer a CNG (compressed-natural gas) powered 90-PS 1.0 TSI engine. SEAT is the first maker to offer an engine of this type in this class. The gearboxes available are a manual 5-speed transmission for the 95-PS and lower engines and a 6-speed transmission for the more powerful engines. The dual-clutch DSG 7-speed gearbox is another of the options available on the new SEAT Ibiza.

The car’s dynamic behaviour, ride quality and driving comfort are exceptional thanks to the new MQB A0 platform. This is an advantage for the suspension, as it is able to work in a more suitable way, as much from the comfort point of view as from the dynamic behaviour point of view. Another important point is the improved Column Electric Power System (C-EPS) with electro-mechanical assistance, which gives the steering wheel better touch, precision and speed. The McPherson suspension is found at the front of the car and a semi-rigid axle at the rear. Weight-saving measures such as hollow anti-roll bars have been also implemented in the chassis without compromising in any way ride quality. In addition the FR version offers optional shock absorbers that come onboard the FR are electronically controlled and have two settings. The new SEAT Ibiza is only available in a 5-door option, which is now more functional and the new design offers the sportier look of a 3-door model. There have also been qualitative leaps forward in terms of noise control, vibrations and ride harshness. The new SEAT Ibiza 2017 offers the quality of a more luxurious automobile. It’s also agile in the city, efficient on curved roads and offers excellent comfort on long trips.

Four trim packages and the most advanced technology

The new SEAT Ibiza 2017 will offer four equipment lines, starting with the Reference followed by the Style trim. The top-of-the-range will be the FR and XCellence trims.
The FR trim comes with the most dynamic and technological equipment to enjoy the best performance. Exclusive dynamic design elements have been specifically created for it like, rear diffuser, exclusive front grilles, simulated exhausts at either side of the rear bumper, sport suspension and exclusive exterior black pack. Not only that, but the chassis height has also been reduce by 15 millimeters and the suspension setting has been slightly modified, with shock absorbers that are firmer, while the anti-roll bar diameter is thicker. The exact different is 21x3.7 millimeters for the FR versions and 20x2.8 millimeters for the rest. The semi-rigid rear axle is also firmer in the FR.
The XCellence trim aims to reach new customers looking for a more sophisticated and distinctive design combined with more convenient and smart functional equipment. Its chrome details accentuate its sophistication and refinement.
Both trims will have the same price and are intended to offer the best possible options to different types of drivers: FR is for those looking for a sportier car, while XCellence focuses on comfort, elegance and technology.
The interior ambient LED lighting for the FR and XCellence versions is offered in two colours, red and white, while three areas of the interior are clearly demarcated with lights to create a sophisticated and refined space onboard. The use of LED technology for the interior and exterior lights is not an aesthetic whim. LEDs offer much higher quality lighting while saving energy, thus yielding improved fuel economy. The full LED lights on the SEAT Ibiza are new in this segment.
The FR trim includes a stiffer suspension and offers two mode settings, Normal and Sport, to adapt to the driver’s preferences or to the conditions on the road. The XCellence trim will also offer this possibility later on, with a softer setting. The XCellence trim will also offer this possibility later on, with a softer setting.
The driving assistance systems built into the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 include elements that, while already present in Leon and Ateca, are quite unusual in this class. The new SEAT Ibiza features Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Keyless Entry System with heartbeat engine start button, a new generation of front and rear parking sensors and a rear view camera with a higher quality and precision reflected in a premium 8’’ touchscreen with glass panel. It is the very first time that the SEAT Ibiza has a huge and functional integrated 8’’ touchscreen that offers the best technology without compromising interior harmony.
The best of all is that these aren’t the only driver assist systems that the driver of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 has at his hands, many of which are totally innovative in its category. Furthermore, other systems can be found such as tiredness recognition, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, Stop&Go combined with ACC and DSG to allow for the most relaxing experience possible in traffic jams - it’s responsible for braking the car and accelerating again to get back under way - and the Multi Collision Brake or automatic post-collision brake, that can reduce the consequences of a multiple crash taking place by applying the brakes automatically after a first collision to keep the car under control and avoid a second one or reduce its consequences.

The icing on the cake of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 is the ability to configure the car’s response, thanks to Drive Profile, with three pre-configured models plus one more, Individual, which allows the driver to choose how the engine responds to their liking, as well as the steering, suspension, ACC, air-conditioning and gearbox.

In the interior, one of the most outstanding features of the new model is the wireless charger with GSM amplifier. In terms of connectivity, the New SEAT Ibiza 2017 is the only car 100 percent connected thanks to three options: Android Auto, Apple Car Play and Mirror Link. SEAT is committed to becoming a front runner in connected cars and developing new mobility solutions where the connected car enhances user experience, making it easier and more flexible. In an environment of disruptive changes, SEAT is eager to deal with the challenges posed by urban infrastructures, traffic systems and vehicles in cities, offering these technologies in most of its vehicles.

The SEAT Ibiza 2017 presents a partnership with Beatsaudio soundsystem, a brand bringing energy, emotion and excitement that has changed the way people listen to music. It uses a DSP (digital signal processor), 7 premium speakers and an 8-channel with 300W amplifier.

Design: the next step in SEAT’s DNA

The 5th generation of the SEAT Ibiza has a fresh and youthful design while also being mature and balanced, with perfect proportions that reflect a strong and agile character. Its characteristic SEAT features have not just been maintained, but taken to the next level, pushing the evolution of SEAT’s design DNA.
At the front of the car, the triangular Full LED headlights and the iconic daylight graphics make the 2017 SEAT instantly recognisable. The badge is displayed proudly on the grille and is also enhanced by the two characteristic lines on the bonnet, with a slight gap in the chrome frame. The x-shaped design gives great dynamism and incredible visual stability.
The car’s overhangs are very short, with the four wheels situated on the four corners of the car, making the car stable, dynamic and sporty. The longer wheelbase and window graphics accentuate the size of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017, while the double blisters down the length of the car are typically SEAT, giving the car a more expressive, three-dimensional look. The bodywork has been beautifully sculpted, combining sharp lines and smooth surfaces. Its new wheels are offered in two-tone finish to choose from, give an elegant touch. 18 in. wheels come only in one tone.
The rear of the car is also typical of the SEAT Ibiza. Its single-rear lights wrap around the car, interacting with the blisters at the rear, properly proportioned within a unique design and offering fantastic aerodynamic performance. The boot’s strong lines and bumpers make the car appear wide and give the car an almost monolithic look, while the rear reflectors appear to bring the car closer to the ground. The FR trim comes with details that bring out its sporty character, such as the exhaust tips either side of the rear diffusor. The XCellence trims receive chrome details that emphasise their sophistication and refinement.
In terms of the interior, more tension, more technical and precise lines and lighter proportions have all been added in order to achieve a more elegant look and a greater level of perceived quality, while new materials have managed to safeguard its youthful and dynamic character. It is important to highlight the great harmony between the colors and materials of the New SEAT Ibiza 2017 achieved, whose perceived quality is increased thanks to the nature of the materials, engravings and brilliance. Structurally, a special emphasis has been put on its horizontal proportions in the assembly of its different functional areas, including the elevated console in the interior to improve ergonomic performance and safety. The aim was to achieve perfect proportions and a greater sense of space and comfort.
All of the controls and instruments are Driver Oriented as SEAT DNA, situated around the driver in the highest position possible to avoid the driver having to take his or her eyes off the road. In the interior it also has a key decorative moulding that is meant to offer perfect balance between the interior design and the 8” Black Panel touchscreen. The gearbox is also in the highest position possible for ease-of-use. Upon analysing the top quality of each and every detail of the SEAT Ibiza 2017, one cannot help but think of models in higher categories, from the innumerable personalisation possibilities to the possibility of choosing the colour of the interior LED lighting, without forgetting of course the onboard technology, such as the 8 in. touchscreen and the Full Link connectivity system.
The new SEAT Ibiza 2017 comes in different colors: desire red, mystery blue, mystic magenta or urban silver. The formulation of these colors, combining the dark flops with the latest generation pigments, helps make the exterior sculpture more evident.
Exciting design, great dynamic behaviour and driving quality, incredible stability and reliability on the road, vastly improved interior quality, safe and easy-to-use technology, and roomier interior, combine to make the New SEAT Ibiza 2017, a really attractive option and of course at the best price.

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