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Renault Megane RS Trophy 2019

Renault Megane RS Trophy 2019

Performance-oriented driving experts can now anticipate the launching of a new Renault Megane RS Trophy 2019 line-up, which is going to serve as an extension to this generation of vehicles and will allow drivers to enjoy even more productive performance and a lot more flexible design.

exterior design
The all-new Renault Megane RS Trophy collection features the newly designed vehicles added with the 18-litre powerful engine, which delivers a total of 300 horse power. This is the first ever RS version that is suggested to produce this much power coupled with the torque of 420Nm. The perceptible addition to the power capacity of the vehicle is attributed to the use of the state-of-art technologies and innovations, especially in respect to the turbo-charging and exhaust mechanisms, which were not present in the previous versions offered to the wide public. The newly designed engine can be used together with the 6-speed manual or EDC-powered gearbox.

interior design
Apart from the innovative power construction, there is a range of extra performance-oriented functions that make this Megane RS Trophy line differ from the regular and long-familiar one.

The vehicles included in this collection are grounded on the Cup chassis, which is proud of having sturdier suspension and better functionality, while the construction itself is enhanced with the use of bi-material braking system, 19-inch wide wheelbase as well as high-performing tires of exemplary quality. They can also be used together with the all-new and much lighter wheels to decrease the overall weight by up to 8 kg.

In order to ensure enhanced support, the vehicle was added with the newly designed front seats that are meant to guarantee even more pleasant driving pastime of users mainly due to their 20 mm lower positioning.

Trophy models are associated with the use of the legendary Liquid Yellow paint, and the new Renault Megane RS Trophy 2019 is additionally highlighted by specially designed Trophy-styled stripes as well. These additions complement the F1-oriented front-side spoiler to the fullest.

Obviously the most recent RS model is also based on a whole variety of innovative technologies, including the 4CONTROL steering mechanism comprising of four wheels as well as four bump anti-shock absorbers, which also add special touch to the vehicle.

Engine: Using innovations to enhance performance characteristics

The all-new 1.8-litre turbo engine has not yet been seen in this collection of vehicles and is going to be added to the new Renault Megane RS model according to the designers’ predictions. It produces more than 300 horse power, which is the first ever parameter of such kind in this category of vehicles. Torque level has also been enhanced and now reaches 420Nm by contrast to 400Nm in the previous version.

All this ensures much more enhanced acceleration and contributes significantly to the pleasant and fulfilling driving pastime as well as extreme comfort of users during their driving leisure. Such performance is compliant with the latest emission regulations established all over Europe.

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