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2018 Lexus NX

2018 Lexus NX

New Exterior Styling Refinements

Lexus NX 2018
For the 2018 Lexus NX, the entire front fascia of the (2018) NX has been refreshed, with the upper portion of the grille and the front bumpers redesigned to more fluidly blend into the hood and front doors, resulting in a sleeker overall shape and excellent aerodynamics. The 2018 Lexus NX’s available headlamps with triple projectors are similar to those equipped on the LC luxury coupe and impart the car with a sportier look. Also of note, satin and smoked chrome trim pieces have been applied to the grille treatment in addition to new vertical elements added to the grille’s inner portion.

Lexus NX 2018
The 2018 Lexus NX rear end has also been refreshed. The lower rear bumper cover now involves elements of the grille’s spindle motif, and has been broadened to enhance the vehicle’s wide stance and low-center-of-gravity look. In addition, the Lexus NX’s revised taillights have been elongated, and the black garnish has been revised to better emphasize the “L”-shaped lenses. Also, the (2018) Lexus NX features larger chrome-tipped exhaust tips that are integrated into the vehicle’s revised bumper cover design and new rear underbody spoiler. For the Lexus NX Hybrid, a slotted sectional piece with an L-shaped satin chrome border blends flawlessly into the underbody spoiler.

Lexus NX 2018
For the wheels, a new aluminum 18 in. wheel has been added to the mix, and the other available options are equally eye-catching, combining a bright machined-finish with dark metallic paint to express a three-dimensional design with an increased sense of depth.

Lexus NX 2018
The Interior Lexus NX 2018
Lexus NX 2018
The interior of the (2018) Lexus NX has also been slightly reworked to exude a sportier nature, a more luxurious feel, and with enhanced control interfaces. Immediately noticeable is the larger available display on the center dashboard, which has grown from seven in. to 10.3 in. Also, the design of the HVAC control panel has been dramatically simplified by replacing the small section of buttons with four easy-to-operate toggle switches adorned with a tiny “L” on their surface. The analog clock features a cleaner, simpler design than before with an outer ring that’s more pronounced. It has also been slightly enlarged for better readability and now includes satellite control, which automatically adjusts the time in different time zones.
Nearly all the controls and switches inside the (2018) Lexus NX, including the drive mode selector, shift knob and door handles, now have a metallic satin finish, enhancing the premium look and feel of the cabin.
On the center console, the remote touch interface pad has been enlarged and redesigned for easier operation, and the palm rest has been reshaped for maximum wrist comfort. The wireless charger tray has also grown in size to accommodate larger smart phones. In addition, the USB ports have been more optimally positioned in the center console, and their amperage has been increased for faster charging.
The 2018 Lexus NX adds the convenience of a foot-operated rear hatch; Placing or kicking up a foot toward a sensor beneath the rear-bumper cover will open or close the electrically actuated rear door.
Superb Performance with Enhanced Handling and Added Safety

Powering the Lexus NX 300—formerly called the Lexus NX 200t—will be Lexus’ powerful and fuel-efficient turbocharged 2.0-l. inline-4, while the Lexus NX 300h’s hybrid drivetrain will continue with a 2.5-l. inline-4 combined with a pair of electric motors, offering customers class-leading power and fuel economy. Both drivetrains offer customers a richer, sportier engine sound and exhaust note that is reproduced through the speakers by Lexus’ ASC (Active Sound Control).

While the Lexus NX’s straight-line performance will essentially remain the same, significant improvements have been made to the vehicle’s suspension tuning to enhance ride and handling. The springs, stabilizer bars and bushings have been retuned for improved turn-in response and steady-state cornering. Also, new shock absorbers improve the quality of the NX’s already smooth ride. But the biggest new change to the Lexus NX’s chassis is the AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension), now based on the advanced system found in the LC 500, which offers a range of up to 650 instantaneous compression and damping adjustments for enhanced control and overall handling stability.

The 2018 Lexus NX features reduced noise, NVH (vibration and harshness), thanks to a combination of suspension tuning and the addition of strategically placed sound deadening within the vehicle’s body.

The (2018) Lexus NX will include the brand’s innovative Lexus Safety System + as standard, which integrates active safety technologies, such as the PCS (Pre-Collision System), LDA (Lane Departure Alert), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control System and AHB (Automatic High Beam).

The Lexus NX F SPORT2018

The performance-minded Lexus NX F SPORT will continue to be distinguished by its pronounced mesh grille with jet-black plating and exclusive wheels that feature a bright machined finish with black solid paint. Inside, it will feature Metallic Sport interior trim ornamentation, another example of TAKUMI craftsmanship.

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