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Dodge Challenger 2019

Dodge Challenger 2019

The Dodge Company keeps maintaining its splendid reputation in the event of approaching 2019 when it will expand its Challenger collection by introducing an incredibly powerful vehicle with horsepower capacity reaching 717 at a minimum. And this is only a starting point of their prospective plans.

Dodge Challenger
After the release of a limited Dodge Challenger edition, which obviously became known as an extremely speedy and almighty vehicle, Dodge SRT line up is returning to the basics by adding a power-driven engine known as HEMI Demon V-8. It will allow enhancing the output of the vehicle many times, and in the end, the public will see an all-new 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye quite soon.

Dodge Challenger
With such a power capacity, it will definitely meet the needs of all driving enthusiasts and will exceed all possible expectations.

Dodge Challenger
As of 2019, the corporation will provide the Widebody Setting on the Challenger R/T Scat Pack version, which will allow making the car a bit wider and thus enhancing the management and braking mechanism. Apart from all these superb opportunities, the new vehicle is also added with advanced Brembo brakes coupled with much wider wheelbase and better-quality tires, let alone diverse suspension enhancements that are also in place in this vehicle.

The Dodge Challenger collection is going to be manufactured at Brampton Factory at the end of the current year, and the vehicles themselves will start being released to the public in winter of 2018.

Exemplary engine powers an almighty Hellcat collection better than before

The 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye vehicle has been especially designed to produce greater power and attract even more clients who are fond of wider and many times more power-driven vehicles. This version has been launched together with its limited-edition counterpart. It is equipped with 6.2-liter worth HEMI V-8 engine and is estimated to produce nearly 800 horsepower capacity.

By contrast to the regular SRT Hellcat motor, this version is equipped with many new features, which outperform its previous counterpart.

  • It allows enjoying the largest supercharger compared with any other car on the market – 2.7 liters vs. 2.4 liters
  • It also produces better boost pressure amounting to 14.5 psi
  • It has a pair of double-stage petrol pumps instead of only one
  • Finally, it is added with a bigger induction wind box, which is packed with not less than three sources of wind inflow.
Apart from all this, there are numerous additional capacities that help maintain the status of this vehicle as an extremely powerful and quick car to guarantee complete satisfaction of driving experts.

As for its design, it is available in a variety of splendid styling themes, which make it more functional and better-looking than ever. In such a way, the new version has been added with greater power production, expanded range of advanced and innovative technologies as well as even more superb features that outperform the regular and standard ones multiple times.

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