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BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept 2018

BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept 2018

BMW Company has presented the new M2 M Performance Parts, which incorporates such features as sporty looks and improved driving flexibility. This model has signified a more pronounced shift towards a sports racing design due to the considerable reduction of its weight parameters by over 60 kg and it has also been added with improved aerodynamic capacity. The brand-new BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept 2018 is packed with appealing external paint touch and added with multiple decorative elements made in golden color shade. As for its inner design, there is a perceptible sense of uniqueness surrounding every detail of this automobile due to the Alcantara and carbon-made fiber additions. The overall design of this model is aimed at improving the racing experience of driving experts. This model is going to see the public at the Festival of Speed in Great Britain that is scheduled for this year.

BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept 2018-exterior design
Carbon-made fiber details serve to decrease the automobile weight

BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept 2018-exterior design
Apart from the already accessible models from this collection, the BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept is going to be added with a few exclusive details. As a result, the automobile is supposed to have reduced weight parameters, which will improve the driving flexibility, not only on a regular road, but also on a racing track. The effect produced by this car model has been attained with the use of a variety of unique features, such as the usage of carbon-made fiber, which plays a significant part in making the vehicle even more appealing to the driving audience. This technologically advanced material is characterized by increased stability, but is a lot lighter than regular elements. Together with its exceptional attractiveness, it also guarantees extraordinary looks.

BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept 2018-interior design
M Performance aerodynamic elements produced in carbon-made fiber

The bright and captivating backside of the vehicle is ensured by the specifically designed tailgate, which has also been produced from carbon fiber. Its weight is 5 kg less than the regular tailgate of any standard vehicle. The BMW M2 M Performance Concept’s backside diffuser is supposed to decrease the vehicle’s overall weight parameters by 0.5 kg and it is also aimed at improving the aerodynamic capacity of this model. Apart from this, it has been made in the delicate shade of golden color.

Carbon-made fiber, Alcantara and golden-colored accents characterize the inner design

Racing orientation of the vehicle is visible in every component inside this model: carbon-made fiber and Alcantara add special sporty looks to the M Performance Parts’ design. The seats are added with golden accents, which guarantee perfect grip even when driving at a high speed. The model’s seats are also complemented with Alcantara together with a folding feature in order to guarantee comfortable and easy access to the backside of the vehicle.

Apart from an M logo having a golden-colored accent seam on it, just like the driver’s and passengers’ seats, it can also be found on the doorway and at both sides of the vehicle being made in the same coloring and with the use of a leather material.

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