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Audi TT 2019

Audi TT 2019

Twenty years passed after the authentic model of Audi TT had been presented to the public and now the driving audience can enjoy a totally renovated Audi TT 2019, which had seen many improvements and updates. The newly designed model has a more athletic and slightly enhanced external styling, along with a more powerful engine capacity and an improved set of regular equipment added to the vehicle.

exterior design
The first ever model of this series was launched at the end of the 1990s. Three years previously, the new Audi car was demonstrated and promoted into the mass production. Over a short period of time, the Audi TT Coupe model had occupied the leading positions in this sector of luxury automobiles.

interior design
The all-new Audi TT allows enjoying one’s driving pastime to the fullest as much attention had been paid to the tiniest details in terms of all of its components and elements. It boasts of having a user-friendly compartment, progress-driven styling of rims as well as rounded and doubled tailpipes, which are some of the standard features of the given small-sized sports vehicle. The overall styling features geometry-inspired shapes, which are adored by the driving fans across the whole world.

Renovated and modernized

The new Audi TT was launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first-ever model of this sports car, and this time the brand made sure they emphasized the athletic nature of the renovated model. Audi Company has definitely improved the general design and styling of the vehicle and it has obviously refined the performance capacity having expanded the variety of regular elements inside the vehicle. Apart from the user-friendly compartment, the new version of this car now has much more modernized handling mechanism, better rain sensing equipment as well as improved external mirrors and versatile steering wheel apart from the state-of-art voice regulation mechanism.

Athletic-looking and truly impressive: The external styling

The vehicle of this model looks more powerful, progress-oriented and much more athletic than ever before. All this was achieved due to the renovated external styling of this version. It is added with the 3D single-framed radiator-powered grille as well as big-sized wind outlets that used to highlight the width of the vehicle even in the previous versions.

At the backside, horizontally shaped lines diminish the overall width of the brand-new Audi TT 2019. You will not find any cap beneath the fuel tank flap here due to its classical styling peculiar to all TT models. This makes it possible to fill the tank with fuel directly through the inlet, which is much more convenient and typical for all sports cars of this category. The headlights are made with the use of LED innovation apart from Matrix LED, which can be chosen according to one’s preferences and individual needs. The last but not the least, this model features flexible cornering signals, which represent a visually appealing addition to the vehicle’s design. This is what makes this version even more attractive for driving experts of all tastes.

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